"CNC machining streamlines the creative process. The technology allows us to produce a product with the speed and precision simply not achievable by traditional methods."

Our 3D CNC router was purchased predominantly for the purpose of specialised large format 3d foam carving.
The machine has a larger than typical bed size of 2.5m x 1.3m x 800mm high.

Utilising the latest software any 3D form can be machined large or small. The model is simply split into as many machinable size pieces as needed then assembled.
With the addition of the 4th rotary axis sculptures can be machined as one complete 3d piece. Although mostly used for sculptural applications, it can also machine patterns and detail in soft woods and plastics.

CNC art
Polystyrene foam routing
decorative mdf router
cnc machined art decor
decorative ornaments
cnc routed foam carving
Melman sculture
Nutcracker Ornament
Nutcracker doll
CNC character sculpture
CNC train prop
Elf ornament
cnc pattern
christmas elf ornament
cnc gun prop
cnc 3d character
Full 360 degree cnc machining
Routered MDF panel